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Website support

If you want support for your website that will make it work perfectly, to have someone who can fix the problems immediately, to update and add pages and information – than please contact us at a suitable time for you. We will provide support for your website!


  • 1 hour / month – included support
  • 1 year prepay
  • 10% discount on additional modules
  • 15% discount on additional hours support
  • 20 lev / month.


  • 3 hours / month – included support
  • 6 months prepaid
  • 15% discount for additional modules
  • 30% discount on additional hours support
  • 50 lev / month.


  • 8 hours / month – included support
  • 1 month prepayment
  • 25% discount on additional modules
  • 35% discount on additional hours support
  • 120 lev / month.

This includes:

  •     Technical Support
  •     Saving of images and data
  •     Monitoring of the functions
  •     General renovation of the website
  •     Renovation of the web pages
  •     Adding information
  •     Adding new functions
  •     Support of functionality and access
  •     Records and reports of the website activity
  •     Optimization and monitoring in search engines
  •     Entering data and text
  •     Processing images and data
  •     Rapid response to technical problems
  •     Diagnosis and repair


The price of the website support is negotiated regarding the size and complexity of the website.
Prices are valid only for websites created by Nettrio!
If the website is not made ​​by Nettrio, prices for each package increases with 50% over the base price.
Unused hours move over to the next month if you do not exceed the support hours.

* We can prepare an individual plan for support of your website.
**Any other kind of web services will be provided by preliminary appointment with the client.


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