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Save 25% for SEO with Nettrio


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On the occasion of NETTRIO birthday, we decided to delight all current and future clients with several PROMOTIONS!

Save 25% from the monthly fees for the next 4 months!

*The promotion is valid for customers that prepaid subscription to SEO for three months. Pay 3, get 4 months SEO.

To take advantage of this promotion, please send us a request with the address of the website. We will contact you in 24 hours.
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More about SEO services offered by Nettrio

SEO for a website is a complex work that aims to increase your site ranking in search engines. SEO for search engines improves and facilitates the conditions for finding the pages of your website on search engines, so the quality and thoroughly conducted site optimization will show to the search engines that your website complies with the clients’ requests for your goods or services.

We offer subscriptions for SEO after creating the website. If you order full website development, then we will create the necessary structure for SEO. If your request is to raise your resource of leadership positions in search engines, then our specialists may need to modify the existing structure of the website.

What are the SEO stages:

  • Analysis of the competitive sites.
  • Selection of keywords.
  • Optimization of the website structure, sealing texts with keywords, optimizing the meta tags of the website.
  • Registration of the website in search engines
  • Registration of the website in thematic and non-thematic catalogs, manuals, directories.
  • Organization of the link number.
  • Processing data from statistics, information analysis.
  • Giving reports.

Advantages of SEO:

  • Optimal price / performance ratio.
  • Attracting of the exact target group (visitors that come to your site from search engines are most motivated)
  • The chance of spanning across the country for a short period of time
  • The good results are kept for a long time after the end of operation (depending on the level of competition).
  • A tangible result (orders from the site, an obvious increase of the amount of calls, rise in number of visitors on the website).

Creating a successful formula with the most commonly used keywords and phrases and integrating it into the website, SEO contributed to the sudden increase of visitor traffic. In all cases, the search engine optimization cost is justified and leads to a return on investment.

To get a clear idea of the SEO results and to follow the real return on your investment, you need a tool to monitor the traffic of your website.

What gives you the SEO service is the positioning of your website in the top search results of a keyword or phrase in the search engines.

To make SEO we need access to your resource for modifying meta tags and the texts on the website. If you are unable to provide this access, we will write recommendations for modification of the code to your site and your webmaster will need to perform the optimization based on our suggestions.

Price is negotiable and depends on the subject and the present condition of the website.

*Any other kind of web services are provided by preliminary appointment with the client.


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