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If you want to keep up with the modern technology, inevitably you’ll have to take a look at Netshop.bg. For one who is not familiar with – this is a specialized online store that offers items such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many other „smart“ gadgets from new generation. We from Nettrio took up the task to optimize this website by rating words related to products sold. We are proud …Read More


Everyone wants to make wet in a nice bath. And how wonderful it would be to choose its design from home? Help comes from geraka.com – your online store for bathroom. We achieved excellent SEO results with this client. The niche for the products that the website offers is very busy, so we continue to support its top positions in Google.bg. Meanwhile, you may choose your super modern and exotic …Read More


What should I read, what should I read … maybe you have to ask Books-bg! Books-bg.eu is an online bookstore, where quickly and easily you can find the book you wish. The competition in this kind of websites is big, so our team did our best, and good results came immediately. For the short time we worked on SEO, the online store reached top positions in all rating words. We …Read More


You want to look beautiful, healthy and maintained? Do this using bio products from Bio Life Cosmetics! For this client, we from Nettrio created a blog in which each of you can easily and quickly find the wanted and useful information. „How to lose weight“, „How to choose the right hair color“, „What colors are modern this year?“ – stop wondering and searching aimlessly on the internet, everything put in …Read More