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Agency „Avis 2006“ is specialized in real estate transactions, primarily in the sale of investment properties and holiday homes. We approached the client with great respect and responsibly took on the task to create quality and stylish website. We considered thoroughly the wishes of Avis 2006 and made a web design corresponding to the working area of our client. We translated the pages in three languages ​​and added a quick search option that provides easy access to the desired information. We enjoy the clean and unique vision, together we achieved wonderful results!


– Creating a website.

– The web design is conformed to the wishes of the client.

– The website is built in three languages. As a function of language is used location of the visitor (geoIP) and display of the information in the appropriate language.

– The system made automatically generates a „friendly url-s“ in Cyrillic or Latin, meta title and description of the pages for better rankings in search engines.

– An administrative panel for easily adding and editing information. Using the admin panel the client may manage virtually all pages in the website. In short, the website is fully under the control of the client without requiring any special knowledge about it.

– Form for adding offers with the ability to add desired url, meta title, description and keywords.

– The website code automatically resizes the photos and displays them in a stylish JavaScript gallery.


Avis 2006